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My approach to health and healing is not to just provide you with the best dietary guidelines, but to understand why you have the symptoms in the first place.  By building vitality and resilience we allow the body, mind, emotions, and spirit to come back to balance.  With an unforced approach we give your body the time it needs to adjust and heal.  We think outside the box to map out an individualized plan that best fits your life and your health needs.


Vitality Nutrition Coaching

I am the nutritionist who doesn't only talk about food.  I believe food is designed to support your journey, but your medicine is actually you.


Women we have been conditioned to detach from ourselves by our current culture.  Remembering and reconnecting to who you are can radically shift your overall health.  Forget what you've been told...


The power of women together in circle, supporting, holding, and seeing one another has the potential to change you in ways you have yet to experience.


Strong Soft Wild is proud to be a leader for Master's to Wholeness Retreats.  These deep dive immersions follow the seasons and incorporate nature, nutrition, connection, and returning to your true self.

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