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You are not going to get back to the you that you were before. Those old threads have unraveled because the clothes you wore no longer fit. - It's time to create new thread and design new clothing that is tailored to the person you are becoming. The color, the fit, and the style may be something you never would have chosen as the person before. - That is what unraveling does. - Unraveling can look like illness, career change, dissolution of relationships, feeling lost, not knowing yourself or your worth, feeling hopelessness or despair. - This is your soul telling you it's time for new clothes. - You may be scared to change because everyone you know has only seen you dressed in a certain way. They may not like your new style. - They may make fun of you, they may leave you, the may try to make you return to who they knew you to be. - But your new clothes fit. - They bring confidence, radiant beauty, love, power, and stillness to your body and soul. You finally see you. - They align with you perfectly in the now. You have to let the old thread unravel in order to create something new. - Do not fear the weaving of new threads. Step into them knowing that you've created the person you've been waiting for

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