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Strong Back...Soft Front...Wild Heart

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

I love these words. I spent hours this morning listening to Dare to Lead by Brene Brown (which is phenomenal by the way) and as soon as she spoke these words that little inside voice said yes.

I’d heard these word from her before, but didn’t give them much notice. Today though, they went straight in and set up camp.

Why? What is so special about these words today of all days? There’s nothing of note happening, just a chill Saturday of lounging and now at my new fav spot Ahh Coffee doing a little writing.

That question made me pause. Do you ever come across something that resonates with you, but you just move on and don’t take a moment to figure out why? I admit I do this all the time.

It’s not that I think I need to deeply engage in everything I read (although that sounds like something I’d do), but more that I move on too quickly when something is trying to tell me something.

So today I stopped, thought, and now I’m writing (yes this is my thinkitation process…meditation/thinking/writing).

Part of what I love about these words is that they are the perfect combination of feminine and masculine energies (stick with me here). Softness, strength, and the pure abandon of being human.

These words also convey movement to me. They don’t feel like they sit still, but are completely free to move uninhibited in whatever direction they feel led. They can stay on the path or find the side journey.

We hear all the time “movement is life”. These words feel like life to me.


Holds you upright, creates stability, provides a foundation, something you can lean back on, something to catch you, unshakeable, driven, focused, and fearless.


Open and loving, hold space, provide comfort, listen and receive, lean in, pure light, powerful energy, presence, embrace, unshakeable kindness, no walls, limitless.


Uninhibited, secure, fully present, knows self, free, fly, move, open, power, unlimited, light and fire, ignite, courageous, be.

I look at these words and see where I am strong and where I place limits, where I am free and where I am stuck. Living in any of these all the time feels like life out of balance. It feels off kilter, limited.

There is no need to have a balance here. Each day brings situations and experiences that require different parts of you. Where are you strong and where are you stuck?

If you’re stuck, if you want to do better, or be better in certain situations then determine what that looks like and write it out. Focus on it every day until you create that new future. You are so much more powerful then you realize. We’re led to believe that where we are or who we are is finite. It truly is anything but finite.

Change takes focus and courage. How can you be stronger, softer, or wilder today? For me, I will have a wild heart today. I will be uninhibited, secure, fully present, know myself, be free, fly, move, be open, be powerful, be unlimited, have light and fire in my eyes, ignite my heart, and be courageous. I will just be more me.

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