I became a nutritionist after years of health issues going back to childhood.  Food literally turned my health around.  As the years progressed it became clear that although food was and is a critical component of the equation it's not the whole story.  This was evidenced in my life by a major health crisis in 2015.  After an extremely stressful year, my body literally shut me down and put me on my back.  I developed a condition called vestibular neuritis which essentially creates constant vertigo.  I was very disabled for the first 10 months and slowly recovered over the next 3 years.

During this time I realized I could not continue doing what I was doing in my life.  I was doing all the things.  I was bulldozing through my life.  And my health paid the price.  I began a journey into my head, my heart, my nervous system, and eventually my divine feminine energy.   It has been an intense and arduous journey (and continues to be a daily journey).  My realization that the depths of our being hold the keys to our health has brought me to the creation of Strong Soft Wild.  Knowing thyself is the key tenant of my practice.  The more you know, the deeper you go, the more you remove the old, and create a new life for yourself.

It is my mission to guide you on your path to self discovery, healing, and wholeness.  The gift of you is a gift to the world.

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