8 Week Program To UNRAVEL, UNTRAIN, and RECLAIM your life and health.

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Are you feeling stuck, behind, out of sorts?  Burnt out, worn out, like just can't get out of this funk? You're not alone.  I've been there.  And so many of my clients have too.  With the Reclaim 8 week program you get the personalized attention for your journey to finding your true self in a world that is constantly telling you who to be (and why this zapps your energy!).  We tap into your divine feminine energy (yep that's a thing!), identify where you are leaking energy, and create a strong, healthy foundation by knowing who you really are.  Are you ready to step into your fullness?  Schedule your Free 30 minute Discovery call today to see if Reclaim is the right path for you.

Why Reclaim?

Are you wondering why you'd need a program to unravel, untrain, and reclaim healthy, energy, and meet yourself?  Today's woman is busier than ever.  We have more on our plate and that plate seems to grow day by day.  The overwhelm is palpable, the exhaustion is growing, and the level of breakdown both physically, mentally, and emotionally is at epidemic levels.  Women are doing "all the things" and we are sicker and more disconnected from ourselves than ever. 


You may be saying to yourself, but I have no choice but to do all the things!  I hear you and I see your frustration.  I know you have careers, families, friendships, and yourself to keep afloat.  Notice how I put you last?  Because that's most likely what you are doing as well.  You're last on the list.  Everyone and everything is the priority.  We've been told this is the path of a woman...self sacrificing.  We've been told to get ahead we need to compete with men or better yet, operate just like them. 


Rise and Grind, Push Harder, DO more.  These are the anthems of our modern culture.  But they are hurting you woman.  They are ignoring your true nature.  They are suppressing your true identity.  The real you is nowhere to be found.  Do you look at your life and ask "Where did I go"?  Then I created this program for you.

I want to know that you hate your job, that you love your spouse, that you wake up and wish you could crawl back under the covers.  I want to know that you can't sleep because you worry about all the responsibilities that you have on your plate.  I want to know the REAL you. 

How this program works

Weekly coaching: 90 minute weekly group coaching call

  • get the guidance you need to sift through what is you and what is holding you back  and what you are ready to create in your life

  • be supported by other women in the group through their struggles, comments, questions, and breakthroughs 

  • Stay on the call as long as you need.  All calls are recorded and will be added to your coursework for future use.

  • Private FB group for coaching, support, and check ins between calls

  • Additional 1 on 1 coaching available to add

This is for you if:

  • You're ready to put yourself first 

  • You are coachable and ready to make changes

  • You're willing to get outside your comfort zone

  • You're constantly pulled in 1000 directions and don't know how to find your balance

This is not for you if:

  • You don't have time to commit to the daily/weekly work

  • You're not quite ready to put yourself at the front of the line

  • You're not ready to make changes

  • You're not comfortable thinking outside the box for your health

Beautiful Woman (yes you!),
I have been where you are.  I have lost myself, my energy, my emotions, and my mind living up to expectations and roles that didn't align with my true feminine nature, my true desires, and my true core self.  It took me years to navigate these waters and finally feel like the real me is starting to see the light of day.  You don't have to spend years.  You can start today.  It's the stories I hear every day in practice that led me to create something deeper, something more meaningful, something real.  This is not a 5 step program to be a better woman.  This is an 8 week journey to reclamation.  It's time to ask the bigger questions that have been burning in your heart and learn how to listen quietly for the answers.  Whether you work with me or I've just sparked a fire inside, my deepest hope for you is that you open your heart to unleash the woman that I see ready to be revealed.  For she is beautiful, worthy, and powerful and is needed to heal the world.  

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