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About Amy Gernaat

I I built Strong Soft Wild after years of working in holistic nutrition.  What I found was food was just the tip of the iceberg.  What was really underneath the digestive issues, food fears, body image issues and more were people who weren't in touch with their bodies, minds, and souls. 

As we unlock the hidden layers of health and focus in on the root, not only do we see true healing, but

we now can build the resilience and stamina required for living life to the fullest.  This path is not for the

faint of heart.  It takes opening up, digging deep, seeing the hidden places, and making changes with the

intention of taking charge of your health.  It takes courage, vulnerability, and a deep desire to learn to

listen to your own body and take responsibility for how you want to feel.

In my practice I partner with you and together we determine the root of your health concerns,  discover the best path for resolution, and empower you to hear the messages your body is giving you.  My goal is to have clients who are well versed in their INDIVIDUAL HEALTH BLUEPRINT and are able to move forward in life with resilience and optimal health without being stuck in the constant healing loop.

A few Strong Soft Wild Specialties

Individualized Nutrition


Mindset and Emotional Wellbeing





Modern Nutrition Coaching

I am the nutritionist who doesn't only talk about food.  I believe food is designed to support your journey and your medicine is actually you.


Women we have been conditioned to detach from ourselves by our current culture.  Remembering and reconnecting to who you are can radically shift your overall health.  Forget what you've been told...


The power of women together in circle, supporting, holding, and seeing one another has the potential to change you in ways you have yet to experience.


Strong Soft Wild is proud to be a leader for Master's to Wholeness Retreats.  These deep dive immersions follow the seasons and incorporate nature, nutrition, connection, and returning to your true self.


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